You’re here because you’re pregnant? 

Congratulations and Welcome!

In an attempt to plan and prepare, you've been to All The Antenatal Classes. But my bet is you’ve not thought so much about what happens once it’s just you and your baby at home. 

You’ve probably heard of the three stages of labour in those antenatal classes, but they don’t often tell you there’s a fourth stage! 


The Fourth Stage of Labour is that time at home after giving birth

Guess What  

It’s as demanding as childbirth AND lasts the rest of your life…. 

Here's the thing though:


You have everything you need within you to be an amazing parent.


And how you start the first 42 days of your baby’s life dictates the next 42 years.


Hey, I’m Frances.

As a Postnatal Doula, all things Mum, Women, Family and Baby are my jam.

I make a full time living in my business nurturing Mums as they nurture their newborns.

I’m a 50 / 50 combo of Research Science Best Practice and Traditional Wisdom from our Aunties making up a whole pie of Whatever It Is That You Need To Feel Supported


Photo captured by Belle Verdiglione Photography

Photo captured by Belle Verdiglione Photography

When I say nurturing mums is my jam, I mean it. 


Sure babies are friggin adorable with their tiny toes and squooshy faces, but I don’t get my kicks from cuddling newborns  


I’m All About The Mums 




Support and Reassurance with your first steps in pregnancy, those exciting and overwhelming days

Being Your Personal Cheerleader - 

Encouraging & Nourishing YOU, mama

Being a blanket of support holding you as a brand new mother, so you don't feel like you're swimming against the tide. 

I am another pair of hands to help around the home, 

I am compassionate ears to listen, 

I am restorative foot rubs, hair brushing, cups of tea

I am 100 other ways to feel cherished and nurtured as you nurture your newborn.



When a mum is cared for, the whole family is cared for 

Because it takes a village to raise a mother 


Want to work with me?