The Magic (Rice) Pudding

There's a lot of comfort food in the world, but in my mind nothing comes close to rice pudding. 

This particular rice pudding is magical because it's specially crafted for brand new mothers (but anyone can enjoy it). The recipe is a very old one, and there are similar variations all around the world. The pudding is especially magical because even women who hate rice pudding enjoy this recipe in the days after giving birth. 

In cooking for new mums, I have chosen to follow the Ayurvedic lineage of Ysha Oakes from Sacred Window and my mentor is Julia Jones from Newborn Mothers. The Ayurvedic framework teaches that there are 5 elements that ideally need to be balanced in the body- earth, air, fire, water and space. Over the course of her labor, a mother loses earth (via the baby and placenta), loses fire (through blood sweat and tears) and loses water (from the amniotic fluid). She is left with a big imbalance of Air and Space (helloooo feeling faint and vague-ing out with baby brain).

The recipe below is a Nepali style rice pudding and it nourishes and replenishes the mother by providing some earth, water and fire back into her system in a gentle, delicious and easily digestible way. 

The proportions in this recipe are great for the first few days after labour, as it's a great snack and often gets eaten quickly. But, if you find there is too much, it freezes well and keeps frozen for up to three months. I've never heard of leftovers in the fridge going bad!

Click Here For The Nepali Rice Pudding Recipe