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Mama Baba Postnatal Yoga

  • Perth WA Australia (map)

Perth Postnatal Village is thrilled to host

Mama Baba Postnatal Yoga

with Jai Ram Kaur from Small Blessings Yoga

Kundalini Yoga for the Journey of Womanhood and Motherhood


For all women with babies 7 weeks to toddling age.


You as woman are the hub of the family. As a mother your role is completely divine. You're a molder of time and space and in your lap and in your arms, for your baby, the world is complete.

To be able to fulfil this role you need to have at least some of your own needs met, in whatever way that might happen. What are they..?

In this afternoon of yoga, talking, sharing, drinking tea, yummy healthy snacking, meditating, talking some more.. you will be served a great big nourishing dish for body, mind and spirit.

The afternoon includes Kundalini Yoga with a special focus on neck, shoulders, back and pelvis, as well as nerve nourishment, deep calming, auric balance and revitalisation. Deep relaxation is an important part of this too!

Also, simple meditations, pleasurable chanting, some yoga with the babies, songs and mantras with movements to sing with the babies and take home with you.

And enriching, uplifting, self-confirming sharing from the rich and universal humanology teachings of Kundalini Yoga to nourish your spirit. Subjects may include male-female polarity in life and parenting on an energetic and practical level, identity of a woman, soul of the child and more, according to where we are taken on the day.

As the session runs for 3 hours, naturally during this time you'll sometimes be feeding your baby, holding, carrying, putting your baby to sleep .. and whatever else you need to do... as well as having some times when you can just be for you. Frances and I also like holding babies! So don't think you need some kind of special or “well-behaved” baby to be able to come! You and your baby are welcome with all that you are in this protected and supportive space.

You will go home with a booklet in which you'll find all you need to put together a home practice to suit your needs, should you wish, so that you can take this gift of deeper connection with yourself and your baby home with you and rekindle it any time you like.

Your self-care will radiate through every cell of you, flow through to your baby and out into your family and beyond.

Frances and I look forward to warmly welcoming you and your baby to this rich afternoon.


Jai Ram Kaur and Frances

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